Best Cat Food For Shedding Hairball In 2021

If your cat has started shedding and you want to control it by diet then you should surely look for the best cat food for shedding. The article below holds a list of such feeds along with all the necessary details which can assist you in choosing the best. Cats shed once in a year but if your cat is shedding excessively then it might be because of some serious health issue. One of the causes of cat shedding is poor diet so it’s a sign that the regular feed given to the cat is not suitable.

So you should surely check out feeds specially manufactured for controlling cat shedding as they hold all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, etc that can lead your cat towards better health. You can have a look on the list and details below so you can feasibly decide that which one will be served as best diet and more liked by your cat.

Best Cat Food For Shedding

Wanna make a quick decision?

One of the best options is the AvoDerm Natural Wild. The feed is manufactured with the wild fish and basically a wet food. For reducing shedding, the main ingredient is omega-rich California avocados and avocado oil. For making it highly digestive it does not contain grain, wheat, corn, or soya. Moreover, it does not hold artificial flavor, color, or preservatives so you can rely on it. The ingredients also ensure better immune health.

The Top 5 Best Cat Food for Shedding Control In 2021

From a lot of feeds in the market, it becomes a bit confusing that which feed will be served better. We have crafted a comparison table below for enabling you to compare different products in terms of their ingredients, and prices respectively.


Verdict Product Rating
Best Overall Purina ONE Hairball Formula 4.8
Best Cat Food to Help With Shedding Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried 4.2
Best Cat Food To Prevent Shedding Tiki Cat Grill 4.3
Best Cat Food To Reduce Shedding Weruva Grain-Free 4.2
Best Cat Food To Stop Shedding Instinct Original 4.1

Purina ONE Hairball Formula

Best cat Food To Help With Shedding

As mentioned from the name, the feed is specifically manufactured for controlling the hair fall problem of your cat. The Purina ONE Hairball Formula comes with real chicken as the main ingredient. If your cat likes dry snacks more than it will be a highly considerable option. It comes with the best proportion of the calorie content that should be a part of the feed. The natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are part of it which results in excellent growth, shiny coating and wipe away all your concerns of hair fall.

We know that the fillers are the reason for bulking up the weight of the food and make it indigestible so they are not the part of a feed. Moreover, it does not hold any kind of preservatives or artificial flavors as they can be proved toxic for their health.

We may summarize that the exact ratio of each and every nutrient is added to the food which makes it highly hygienic. By using the feed, you can notice a decrease in your cat shedding because of the natural fiber in it. So, you can highly consider it in order to find out the best cat food for shedding.


  • Preservatives free

  • Result in excellent health, growth, and coating
  • Real chicken
  • Highly digestible

  • The texture is not liked by some cats


Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried

Best cat Food For SheddingYour cat is tired of those fish and chicken flavors and wants to taste something new? You can choose the Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried. Because of the excellent consumption of nutrients, you can be dependent on it. The ingredients of the feed include 98% form-based rabbit, organs, and bones. For the enhancement of dietary health; taurine and probiotics are also part of it. The main goals of this highly digestive feed are healthy skin and coating for the reduction in shedding, healthy immune system, strengthening teeth and gums, maximizing the stamina, and prevention of allergies.

For making it a completely hygienic balanced diet, it does not have any kind of hormones, fillers, antibiotics, and grains in it hence it is easily digestible and prevents all kinds of intestinal upsets. This nature intended feed can be liked by your cat.

In our opinion, with a plethora of feeds in the market that comes with the fish and chicken taste, this one is unique as it comes with the taste of the rabbit. With a lot of benefits for the health of your cat mentioned above, this highly nutrient feed is worth spending money.

  • Form-based rabbit taste

  • Reduce shedding
  • Strengthens immune system, teeth, and bones
  • Reduce allergies
  • Easily digestible
  • Maximize the stamina

  • It has too many bones


Tiki Cat Grill

Best cat Food To Help With Shedding

In the list of wet foods, another considerable option is Tiki Cat Grill. This cat food basically fulfills the needs of supplemental water of your cat. The main ingredient of the feed is sardines so if your cat loves fishes or tired of eating of licking chicken-flavored meal, maybe she liked this one. The seafood flavors inside make it more delicious and protein-rich which results in the healthy growth and development of your cat and reduced problems like hairballs and shedding.
You can use the feed for your cat of any age as it is a balanced diet for the cats of all stages. In order to keep it natural, easily digestible, and hygienic, the feed does not hold grains, potatoes, crabs, or fillers in its composition. This fully nutritional feel plays an important role in maintaining the body weight as well.

In our opinion, the feed tastes like seafood and ensures better health and growth by supplying nutrients. You can use this diet and can observe the outcomes even after using it for a shorter time span. So, you should contemplate it being in search of the best cat food for shedding.

  • Sardines based meal

  • Reduce hairballs and shedding
  • Natural and can be digested easily

  • Some cans have food lighter in color


Instinct Original

Best cat Food To Prevent Shedding

If you are looking for a highly natural feed with a variety of ingredients, the Instinct Original is worth noticing in this regard. The main ingredient of the feed is chicken turkey and liver whereas the other ingredients include vegetables, fruits, and wholesome. With the high protein gained by these ingredients, the feed efficiently results in reducing shedding and keeps your cat’s muscles lean. Healthy development is also achieved by it. A healthy diet is responsible for keeping your cat active as well.

The materials like grain, corn, soy, wheat, potato, by-products, preservatives, and artificial additives are not a part of it so the food sensitivities remain constant and do not be proved toxic for your cat. This wet food can be served as a main meal or a topper according to your cat’s likeness.
To sum up, we can say that it is one of the best choices in wet foods and comes with a variety of ingredients and a variety of benefits respectively.

  • High proteins

  • Additives free
  • Keep muscles lean

  • Shards of white bones


Weruva Grain-Free

Best cat Food To Prevent Shedding

The last but not least important item in the list is Weruva Grain-Free. This wet food has a boneless and skinless chicken as an essential ingredient. The chicken is thinly shredded and makes the gravy highly delicious. The proteins achieved by the feed play an important role in reducing shedding and improvement of health. In order to keep the urinary tract healthy, it adjusts the hydration level by reducing the quantity of magnesium and phosphorus in the feed.
In order to keep it hygienic, the feed is made grain, carrageenan, and gluten-free, Moreover the ingredients like wheat, rice and corn are also not a part of it. The additives like artificial flavors and preservatives are not added to it to keep the feed natural.

We can conclude that you can rely on it as it does not hold any kind of ingredient that can be proved unhealthy for your cat. The diet is kept completely natural with the natural ingredients inside.

  • Reduce shedding

  • Maintain hydration level
  • Supports urinary tract
  • Additives free

  • High carbohydrate content


Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there a cat food that helps with shedding?

Yes, the list of the products above consists of all such foods that can help in reducing shedding with the provision of a healthier, full of nutrients diet.

Why is my cat shedding so bad?

The cat usually sheds once in a year but if it is getting worse and shedding for a longer time span than this must be because of poor diet, allergies, and other various health problems. By making their diet healthier you can control shedding. The list of the best cat food for shedding in mentioned above.

What’s best for shedding cats?

Healthy food can be proved best for shedding cats. The list of products above holds all such food that can be proved best in this regard. So depending upon the likeness of your cat in terms of food type and ingredients, you can pick the best one out of them.

How much shedding is too much for a cat?

Cats mostly shed in spring. If the shedding is more than one season then you should surely worry about that and take steps about it.

How do I reduce cat hair in my house?

You can reduce hair by brushing it once in a day. You should also choose a special healthy diet that ensures you about controlling shedding. Some such foods are mentioned above.

What month do cats shed the most?

The cats shed mostly in spring and lose their thick winter coat. It is quite normal.


The Other 6 Best Cat Food for Shedding Control we reviewed in 2021


Instinct Original Dry

Best cat Food To Reduce Shedding

Do you cat likes to have kibbles in her meal; one of the delicious feed you can serve is Instinct Original Dry. The main ingredient of the feed is chicken as it is manufactured with 81% real animal ingredients whereas in the case of the other ingredients it comes with the nutritious oils, 19% vegetables, and fruits. For reducing shedding and making skin and coating healthier and shiny, omegas are also part of its composition. The food holds high protein with probiotics hence it is highly digestible and prevents your cats from facing intestinal issues.

This dry feed comes in the form of kibbles and coated with the real nutrition of freeze-dried raw and holds an exceptionally delicious flavor. The feed does not have grain, corn, soy, wheat, potato, by-products, preservatives, and artificial additives in its composition for keeping it healthy and toxic-free.

We can summarize that this balanced dry feed comes with excellently flavored kibbles and a lot of nutrients inside that can be proved beneficial for health and served as the best cat food for shedding.




  • Highly digestible

  • Additives and preservatives free
  • Result in healthy skin and coating

  • High protein content


Blue Buffalo Indoor

Best cat Food To Reduce Shedding

Searching for the best cat food for shedding, Blue Buffalo Indoor is highly considerable. The main ingredient of the feed is real meat and chicken which ensures the provision of high-quality protein and result in strengthening the muscles of your cat. The other ingredients present in the feed are whole grain, veggies, and fruits. Along with the protein, the fibers are also gained by it which minimizes the hairballs and intestinal upsets. For the reduction in shedding and making the skin and coating of your cat healthy, Omega 3 and 6 are part of it.

At different ages, the body requirements change. For fulfilling those requirements and making the immune system stronger, the feed holds a number of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It completely supports digestive health. With an efficient proportion of proteins and fats, it maintains body weight. The by-products meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial ingredients, and preservatives are part of it.

In a nutshell, we can say that all the essential nutrients like vitamins, fibers, and minerals are efficiently transferred by the natural ingredients and results in excellent health and development. The feed is highly suggested not only for shedding but also for other multiple hygienic concerns.

  • Supports digestive health

  • Maintain body weight
  • Healthy skin and coating,
  • Reduce hairballs and shedding
  • Natural nutrients

  • A bit expensive


Hill’s Science Diet Dry

Best cat Food To Reduce Shedding

Your search of purely natural feed for your loved cat that results in controlling hair shedding may lead to Hill’s Science Diet Dry. The feed basically comes in the form of dry kibbles and ensures you about easier digestibility with its completely natural manufacturing. As the main concern is about controlling hair fall so the product comes with vitamin E plus omega 3s and 6s and makes skin and coating shiny and healthy. With the addition in the age of cats just like humans, their bones and muscles also get weakens. The high-quality protein is a part of feed which ensures the maintenance of lean muscles.

The composition of the feed also results in a reduction in hairballs and makes the intestinal and immune system stronger. For meeting the hygienic standards, by-products, preservatives, artificial color, and flavor are not a part of it.

To end up the discussion, we can say that the feed comes with the chicken recipe so if your cat likes chicken the delicious kibbles will be sure proved delicious for her. Moreover, multiple nutrients are provided by it which enhances health and growth.




  • Hairball and shedding prevention

  • Maintain lean muscles
  • Preservatives free
  • Highly digestive

  • Kibbles should be smaller in size


Royal Canin Feline Health

Best cat Food To Prevent Shedding

Another considerable option while searching for the best cat food for reducing its shedding is Royal Canin Feline Health. The feed comes with the dietary fibers which maintain the hair development and shedding. The fibers are highly digestible so your cat does not have to face any kind of stomach issue. The feed is for indoor cats, as they are not that much action because of the lack of exercise and have a slow intestinal process so the feed comes with an authentic overall nutrition level.

For the provision of a hygienic diet, the feed does not hold any kind of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Because of the excellent texture and savory aroma of the food with the taste of real chicken, it will become one of the most liked meals by your cat.

By and large, the composition of feed results in the provision of a variety of benefits. The main one is the reduction in hair fall. Other than this, it resolves all the intestinal issues, strengthens bones and teeth. Because of all these outcomes, it is worth noticing and using.




  • Highly digestible

  • Reduce shedding
  • Reduce hairballs in the stomach
  • Makes bones and teeth stronger
  • Makes skin and coating shiny

  • Some of the kibbles inside have sharp ends


Purina Pro Plan FOCUS

Best cat Food To Stop Shedding

The next item on the list is Purina Pro Plan FOCUS which comes with the real chicken as the main ingredient. With the real chicken, it provides excellent energy with fibers as well as removes hairballs and ensures you about the healthy growth of your cat. 40% of the food composition is protein. As you are looking for the feed that reduces shedding then this one will be proved beneficial for you s it comes with omega 3 and 6 fatty acid which makes the skin and coating healthier and completely stop the hair fall.

The feed does not have any kind o feeding time restriction. Because of its easily digestible property, you can serve it to your cat at any time of the day. For making it highly safe and hygienic for your cat, it does not hold any kind of preservatives or artificialness.

In closing, we can highly recommend this feed for achieving the reduction in shedding as all of the nutrients in the feed mainly focused on skin betterment. Moreover, it can be the best diet as it ensures the excellent growth and development and fulfills the dietary needs of cats of all stages.

  • Healthy skin and coating

  • Comes with the real chicken
  • Easily digestible
  • Hairball management
  • Additives free

  • A bit high carbohydrate content


AvoDerm Natural Wild

Best cat Food To Stop Shedding

While searching for the best cat food for shedding, you should surely ponder over AvoDerm Natural Wild. The feed basically is a wet food so if your cat loves liking then you can choose it. It is mainly manufactured by the wild-caught fish. As the food is specified for the shedding cat, so for reducing shedding and making the skin better, it holds Omega Rich California Avocados and Avocado oil which makes the coating and skin healthier. All the essential nutrients including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are part of its composition and result in making your cat’s immune system better.

We know that the food should be easily digestible for avoiding stomach problems so the grain, soy, corn, and wheat-like ingredients are not part of its composition. This highly natural diet does not include any kind of preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors that can be proved harmful to your cat’s health. The can comes with a quantity of 3 ounces.

To conclude we can say that if your cat loves licking and fishes then it can be served as one of the delicious meals for her. The nutrients present in it will surely reduce shedding and will result in better health and growth.

  • Wild fish taste

  • Easily digestible
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Preservatives, artificial flavor, and color free

  • A little expensive

Buying Guide

While choosing the best cat food for shedding, some of the factors that you should keep in mind are as follows:

Type of the feed:

The feed comes in two types wet and dry. So, before buying check out the likeness of your cat whether your cat loves licking or eating the snacks. Depending upon the choice of a cat, make a decision.


The feeds come with a variety of ingredients. Most of the feeds have chicken, fish, and several other ingredients. Different materials result in providing different nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals which results in strengthening the muscles and bones, reduce shedding,` and other benefits. So check out the ingredients and consumptions first.


Additives can lead to several health problems so make sure that the feed contains no additives like artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.


The feed should be highly digestible otherwise it may lead to the stomach and intestinal problems in your cat and in the end, result in bad health. The materials like wheat, corn, soy, and grains are not added to the feed as they may be proved difficult to digest by the cats. So have a look at this factor as well.