Best Cat Food for Urine Smell Latest In 2023

Are you concerned about the smelly urine of your cats? Then do not woe, here in this article you will catch the best cat food for urine smell that only support its immune system but also make the urinary tract free from infection and your cat urinate without having a foul smell.

Cats are domestic pets. Every cat paramour cares about his cat just like the human does for his kids. He is concerned to deliver his cat good feed which is rich in vibrant nutrients so that the immune and the urinary tract system of his cat work well. Some feeds have artificial preservatives, filler, and by-products that lead to the infection of the urinary tract system and in turn, your cat will pass smelly urine.

Best Cat Food For Urine Smell

We comprehend your concern and to forge you feel comfortable here we have a list of the best cat food for urine smell that works efficiently and make your cat healthier with no urine smell. The description of the products, buying guide, and FAQs will assuredly help you out in this regard.

Are you in a hurry to indicate the best cat food for urine smell? Then we will advocate you to pick Purina Pro Plan cat food because it has all the indispensable nutrients which a cat’s body system hungers for. It has a gravy texture which helps to keep them hydrated. Moreover, it has high protein content without any involvement of artificial filler, flavours by-products, and preservatives. It also aids to make the urinary tract free from infection and your cat will urinate with no more smell.

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Urine Smell in 2023

For the better convenience of our partisans, we have fashioned all our products in the form of a table, so you can easily extract out the product that exactly meets your requirements.

So, what’s the best cat food for urine smell? Let’s find out…

Purina Pro Plan Focus:

For every cat escort, it is ultimate intimacy to take great care of his/ her cat because cats hold a special place in their hearts, so to make the cat look healthier, everyone is beholding for the best cat food that maintains its health but you should also make sure before giving any food whether it holds the healthier ingredients or not. Purina Pro Plan Focus is the best food for cats because it falls in the wet food not only makes the immune system robust but it also helps your cat to sustain its urinary tract free from any kind of infection and urinate without instigating any foul smell.

As it already described that Purina Pro Plan Focus is categorised as wet food so it somewhat holds the liquid moisture content. This Purina Pro Plan Focus is ultimately for the cats who have a somewhat foul smell in their urine. The main components that are used in the making of this special food are soy, wheat, and gluten. These three ingredients are surely helpful in providing support to the immune system which in turn helps the urinary tract to allow filtering the harmful substances from the urinary tract, and allow the urine to pass without having any dirty or foul smell. as the flavours always have the main role in choosing the food for the cat so it has only one flavor which is the most favourite of most cats which is Chicken flavor.

So, to cut short, we must indorse you Purina Pro Plan Focus food for your cat because it not only supports the immune and urinary system but it also provides nutrition for other body processing by lowering dietary magnesium. Hands down, it’s the best cat food for urine smell.


  • Support immune system
  • Help prevent urinary tract infection
  • Contain healthy ingredients
  • Helps the kidneys to lower ph.
  • Easy to digest
  • Not suitable for kittens
  • Comes only in one flavor which is not suitable for all cats.


Purina ONE

If you have a cat then you better comprehend the concern about the cat’s food. For every cat lover, it is a big stiff chore to choose better food for his cat that only gives it a healthy looking body but also empowers its body functioning to prevent it from infections, especially urinary tract infection because it proves spartan for a cat and also very unpleasant for the cat owner because of smelly urines. Here we have a Purina ONE which is undoubtedly the very best food option to choose from.

Purina ONE falls in the dry category of food. It emanates with very crispy tender textures, so if your cat does not like the wet food which has moisture content this dry Purina ONE will be the best option for its food. It comes only in one Chicken flavor which is a universal choice of most cats. It has no artificial preservatives. The main ingredients used in makings are wheat, corn chicken rice flour. Which supports the immune systems and also help to lower the pH of the urination

Briefly, we can say that it is the best food optimal for every cat owner to feed his cat. Because it has no filler used in it. All the ingredients are extracted naturally. Moreover, the antioxidant blend assists to pass out urination without any foul smell.

  • Supports the immune system
  • Prevent urinary tract infection
  • Crunchy texture
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • 100% natural extract
  • Comes only in one flavor.
  • Claims show that changes in the formula cause diarrhea in most cats


Hill’s Science Cat Food

Is your cat develop urinary crystals? Are you worried about the foul smell of your cat’s urine? Then do not panic, we recognize your concern and fetch to you the best Hill’s Science Cat Food that not only thwarts developing crystals in urine but also bolsters the immune system of the cat to prevent any infection or disease befalls in the urinary tract.

This cat food is especially serene to lessens the level of magnesium in the cat because magnesium is the main source of causing crystals. It comes with a dry crunchy triangular shaped kibble which also makes the tooth structure even stronger. No artificial inorganic preservatives and it also ensures to lessen the hairball formation in the adult cats.

To close out, we must commend this feed to cats because it has very necessary nutrients including omega 6s and vitamin E which along with strengthening the immune system also gives the cat a glamorous looking shiny skin. It qualifies the kidneys to lower the ph. of urine before it passes also benefits the cats as it has high protein content because of the naturally extracted Chicken flavor. So, by providing this balanced nutrient diet, your cat will for sure enjoys a healthy life without any kind of urinary tract infection.


  • No artificial preservatives
  • Easy to Digest
  • High protein content
  • Omega 6s and Vitamin E
  • Reduces Hairball formation
  • Some claims are about the very bad smell of Food.
  • The kibbles’ size is too big.


UroMAXX Liquid Formula

Are your pets infested with urinary tract infection? Are you practicing antibiotics to them but no positive outcomes have shown yet? Do not frantic, we realize your concern about your pets. So here we familiarise the UroMAXX liquid formula for your cats and dogs that will work instantly and give relief to your pet from severe infections.

As now a day’s pets are becoming antibiotic resistant, giving them antibiotics incessantly aids to increase the infection severely. So, try switching your pet to UroMAXX liquid formula which is unruffled from the herbal extract. The main ingredients like glucosamine and Vitamin C not only aid provide relief to pets but also increase the pets’ immunity to fight against the infection and make their urinary tract free from infection.

One of the most exciting features of this liquid formula is that it contains Cranberry juice extract plus it doesn’t contain any artificial preservative, sugar, starch, mil, yeast, soy, and salt, it only works with its 100% naturally extract herbal efficiencies. So, to conclude we must say that if you suffer from 2 to 3 times with a urinary infection then try using UroMAXX liquid once. It is directly administrated to pets’ mouths. Moreover, the veteran’s doctors also recommend this without thinking for a while.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to administer
  • Herbal extract
  • Cranberry juice extract
  • No artificial preservative
  • No sugar
  • Provide instant relief
  • Cons:
  • The new formula did not work well on a few pets.
  • The taste is not good.


Weruva Cat Food

If you are probing for cat food that provides nutrition to your cat and makes it fit then have a glimpse at the most vivacious Weruva cat food, which comes in the canned packaging. so that the superiority of the food would not question. This canned cat feed is fall in the wet category of feed. It has a lot of moisture which robustly helps your cat to protect its body from dehydration. This feed has somewhat a gravy texture so it will be very easy for the cat to digest.

Weruva cat food has very vital ingredients in its makings that certify the enhancement of the immune system and it aids the urinary tract system to transform into a healthier infection less urinary tract. To make it easy to digest, it does not involve any kind of wheat, soy, barley, corn, and other hard grains that makes the digestion process longer and difficult. The company claimed that it is 100% free from any artificial also has the multivitamins and minerals and antioxidants that support a balanced diet for your cat. This in turns results in providing increased rates of nutrition.

Moreover, it is also coming along with the nine liver flavor, in the form of thin slicing of the chicken liver that shredded in the gravy, which is very fascinating even for the very picky cat. so to cut the description short, this would be the best cat food for your cat because it also ensures a low level of magnesium and phosphorus so to keep the urine less acidic by lowering the ph. before it passes out. so order this Weruva cat food and give your cat a healthy life.

  • No artificial color and preservatives
  • Easy to digest
  • Gravy texture
  • Grain-free
  • Support urinary tract
  • Balanced diet
  • Some claim that the newly formulated recipe did not like by most of the cats.


How can I make my cats’ urine smell better?

Cats pass smelly urine because of two reasons. First, make sure that your cat is properly hydrated. Less concentration of water in the body results in the acidic nature of urine which in turn develops a foul smell. The other most obvious reason is the high amount of ammonia in the diet. So, try to find the feed that has less amount of ammonia and with no artificial preservatives. This for sure helps you to make your cat’s urine smell better.

What is the best food for cats with urinary problems?

Purina Pro Plan is considered the best food for cats having urinary tract problems. Because it has a wet gravy texture and has moisture that keeps the cat hydrated. The high protein content with no artificial preservatives enables the cat to develop support to its immune system which in turn enables the cat to make its urinary system free from infection.

What ingredient in cat food causes urinary problems?

High Magnesium content is the main ingredient in any food that causes severe urinary problems. Apart from this phosphorus and ammonia also equally responsible for causes infection in the urinary and bladder system. So, try to pick that feed for your cat that has low contents of magnesium, ammonia, and phosphorus.

Why does my cat’s urine smell so bad?”

The cat’s urine smells really bad when it is dehydrated having less centration of water inside the body or the other reason is that the diet you provided to them has a high concentration of magnesium, phosphorus, or ammonia which in turns causes urinary tract infection and it resulted in the smelly urine.

The Other 5 Best Cat Food for Urine Smell in 2023



Every cat lover wishes that his cat must have a vigorous diet so that its body part functions well which in turn results in more activeness of the cat. The healthier the diet, the healthier will be your cat, and the more strengthens will be its immune system. In this regard, IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH will provide its customers with the best feasible digestive food to feed their cats.

This provender for sure helps your cat to develop a more strengthen the immune system because it contains all the vital nutrients that the body required to function properly. The most freaking feature is that is 100% extracted naturally without the use of mock colours or flavours. These artificial inorganic products will steadily reduce the body efficiency to function accurately which resulted that your cat became inactive and weak. This feed contains dry pallets because most picky cats do not like wet food, they like to have a crunchy texture and this IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH provides them with a crunchy kibble that reduces the excessive plaque formation. The feed also contains a high content of proteins that will surely support the immune system and make your cat active and healthier.

So to sum up, we must acclaim this feed to our cat owners because on one hand it safeguards the immune system of your cat and on other hand, it also aids in lowering the phosphorus and magnesium percentages so that your cat will also enjoy an infection free urinary tract and pass out the urine also contains calcium and potassium as the vital nutrients that will assist in providing strength to their bones.

  • Dry Crunchy kibbles
  • No artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Easy to digest
  • Contain calcium and potassium as vital nutrients
  • Reduces the plaque formation
  • High protein content
  • Some claim that it causes stinky gas in cats.
  • Some cats also pee a lot after having this feed.

Purina Pro Plan

Here on the list, we have another astonishing cat food product named Purina Pro Plan. This feed is unambiguously composed for the cats to support their urinary tract system. as we have seen that many cat owners are worried and conscious that their cats urinate with a very bad smell. This is because of two reasons. One is hydration. so by considering this reason, Purina Pro Plan is categorised in the wet category of food. In this way, if your cat is dehydrated, it will keep it hydrated because of the moisture that presents in it.

The other very disturbing acumen is the high contents of magnesium and phosphorus which roots the ph. level to raise. This feed can amazingly drop down the levels of these contents and replace them with a high content of protein which is extracted unswervingly from the chicken entrée. Along with the protein content it also certifies no of beneficial fats that surely provide support to the urinary tract and enables them to filter all the detrimental nutrients through the kidney and then pass out the urine without any immense foul smell.’

To conclude, we must say that this feed surely boosts up not only the immune system of the cat but also support the urinary tract because it is composed of 100% natural extract without the addition of any artificial flavours or preservatives. It comes only in one flavor which is unanimously liked by most of the cats. So, order this feed now to make your cat’s urinary tract function properly.

  • Easy to digest.
  • Gravy texture
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Essential fats
  • High protein content
  • Natural extract
  • Chicken meat
  • Some claim that the cats get diarrhea after having this feed.


Tiki Cat Luau

If you are searching for the best cat food for your cat that comes with a lot of flavouring assortment because your cat is very picky and doesn’t like only one single flavor tan you would definitely pleased to know that Tiki Cat Luau has manifold flavours so you can choose any one of your cats’ choice. There are eight different flavours including Chicken, Chicken & Egg, Salmon, Salmon & Chicken, Seabass, Tilapia, Tuna & Chicken, Tuna & Mackerel. each one has its own nutritional properties and taste.

Tiki Cat Luau is a wet food so that will ensure that your cat will endure hydrated all the time and evade any kind of infection related to the stomach or urinary tract. This feed is different from the other cat food because it doesn’t have any content of grains. As we know, cats are carnivorous so they like to have meaty feeding flavours this is the reason It is made grain free and doesn’t have the involvement of wheat, soy. barley or any other grain. This feed is made with 100% natural extract. Mostly frequently from chicken and fish because these two have a high content of proteins in them which in turn boosts up the immune system of your cats and kittens and makes them healthy and fit.

By and large, we must say that this feed will for sure best for your cat because it has all the qualities that a cat hungers for. it doesn’t have any kind of artificial flavours, no fillers are indulged. And no preservatives are only has healthy nutritious fats and proteins that will provide a balanced and rich nutritious diet to your cats and kittens.

  • High protein content
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, and fillers
  • Hydrated feed
  • Chicken and fish succulent flaked food
  • Grain-free
  • The smell is too awful
  • The consistency is very liquidy.


Wysong Uretic

The very next product on our list is the Wysong Uretic cat food. If your cat gets an infection in the urinary tract consistently then you should try switching its feed to Wysong Uretic. When choosing any feed for our cat firstly it is a must for us to check its ingredients because ingredients really play a dynamic role in cats’ body functioning. The Healthy the ingredients, the healthier will be the cat.

Some feeds have non-naturally flavouring and preservatives which leads the cat to develop an infection in the urinary cat because the kidneys of a cat are not much efficient to filter these harmful substances and then it resulted in the smelly urinary sometimes with the crystals. Wysong Uretic will help our customers to provide their cats healthy, whole fresh ingredients that are extracted naturally. Moreover, it is composed of all the micronutrients or nutraceuti also with the involvement of prebioti so, probiotics, omega-3s, antioxidants, enzymes, and many other vital nutrients.

To sum up. We can say that this will be the best food choice for your cat because it has dry crunchy star molded kibbles that also help the gums and tooth to become even stronger. This product is highly recommended because it has been frequently tested on cats with efficient results. Moreover, this product feed is giving a very palatable and nourishing formula since 1979. So, order it now to make your cats healthy and active.

  • Meat protein diet
  • Frozen dry crunchy texture
  • Omega 3s and fats
  • Real Chicken
  • No fillers, preservatives
  • Prebiotic and probiotic
  • Some claim that cats develop stomach infection and started vomit.


Feline Natural

This is the last product on our list. If you are penetrating for the best cat feed that falls in the raw frozen category that this is for sure the best one you are searching for. It has all the obligatory ingredients that will boost the immune system of your cat and also supports its urinary tract systems to make it infection free. And in this way, your cat becomes more active by enjoying a healthy and nutritious diet.

Feline Natural is made naturally with fresh meat. It doesn’t have any content that is artificial. Moreover, it does have any preservatives and fillers so that the quality of the product is not questioned. Feline Natural’’ as the name also shows natural so it is serene of the natural lamb and chicken meat. It also doesn’t involve any addition of grains like barley, wheat, soy, gluten, or any other dairy artifact so that the functioning of the urinary system doesn’t destruct and your cat will not yield smelly also comes with high protein content and also has very vital fats and vitamins that will for sure boost your cat to thrive the energy.

To conclude, we can say that the folic acid and vitamin D3 supplement in this feed will provide your cat with all the healthy nutrients for boosting and supporting their immune system. as it is dry in nature so you can easily carry it anywhere to feed your cat a good food. So, grab this product and make you eat healthier and look healthier.

  • Low concentration of carbohydrates.
  • Grain-free
  • Starch free
  • 99% natural extract
  • High protein content
  • Ra and frozen in nature
  • Some claims are about the bad smell of the feed.


Buying Guide:

Before choosing any feed for your cat, you should need to know the following important guiding points to buy food for your loving cats:

The Label:

The first thing that you should do is to read the label of the product. It is for sure to help you to know whether this feed is for adult cats or for kittens. This will also tell you the weight of the bag so you can choose according to your cat feeding amount.

Protein Content:

As we know cats are carnivorous and primarily required a high amount of protein content so you should better choose a feed that has high proteins and will meet your cat’s body requirements depending on your cat’s age.


It is a must for a cat owner to have a look at the ingredients. Because for every nutritious feed, ingredients play a vital role. Cats usually do not adjust well to high carbohydrates. So, try to choose a feed with low starch and carbohydrate content. You should buy cat food that has meat as its main ingredients with all other vital vitamins and omega fats.

The Source:

You should also come to know that from which source this cat food comes from. Is it made from natural fresh chicken, fish, or from some artificial means by adding preservatives or flavours that should buy food that is organic and grass fed?


Digestibility should be one of the most concerning features when buying cat food. If the food is not digested properly, your cat will develop stomach and urinary tract infections. So, try to choose a feed that does not have artificial filler and by-products because it will not be digested by the cats. You should choose a feed with high-quality ingredients so that it will be digested properly and your cat will become healthy and active.


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