Best Catnips In 2021 (updated)

Today’s article will set out to find out about the best catnips products available in the market right now. This review is going to be based on our top 16 picks of the best products after we have sifted through the best choices online and the review will be based on addressing the pros, cons, and listing out main features for your convenience.

Many users are unsure about catnip because of how it is advertised sometimes as a very potent hallucinogenic for cats. However, when used properly and in adequate amounts, catnip can do wonders for your cat’s behavior and demeanor. It is even used as a way to train and control aggressive behavior however, for those unfamiliar, it comes from a plant that is like mint.

Best Catnips

From this, they extract an essential oil called nepetalactone which basically has an effect on cats that may cause euphoric or even calm tendencies in your feline friends. There is no need to worry about your cat coming to any harm from catnip as it is completely organic and natural and is meant to calm your cat down.

There are so many products available in the market right now, so to make your choice easier this review will focus on our top picks for the best catnip products.


If you don’t have the time at the moment to actually go over this review at the moment of our 16 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats which comes with a completely tight and sealable lid and has a lot of nutritional value for your cat as well. If you also want to know more about the technical side, check out the buying guide right at the very end.

The Top 5 Best Catnips Of 2021

However, if you still need more information, we also recommend that you keep reading to make the best decision and before you start, take a look at our handy comparison chart of the best catnips.

Let’s discuss all the best catnips and see which one is ideal for your cat.

Yeowww! Cat Catnip

Best Catnip For CatsWe are starting off this review with the Yeowww! Cat Catnip and this is one of the best catnip overall picks available as it is popular and has raving reviews online.

It is completely organically grown and the product only has dried catnip leaves and flower tops in it. There are absolutely no preservatives or added contents in it. This is also why it has a very strong and potent catnip aroma that will attract your cat.

You also get a product that has absolutely no chemicals and has been grown without pesticides and it comes in 2 convenient sizes which are 1-ounce bag and 2-ounce plastic tubs which are completely reseal-able. This is a very affordable option but the one potential issue is that it is in a loose form and this can be harder to use and keep track of. Hand down, it’s the best catnip.


  • Re-sealable plastic tub
  • Organic and no preservatives
  • 2 size options
  • No pesticides or chemicals
  • Affordable
  • Loose catnip

OurPets Cosmic Catnip

Best Catnip For CatsUp next we are looking at the OurPets Cosmic Catnip and this is a very premium product and you will get a 100 percent Natural Premium North American Grown Catnip which will have the best effect on your pets. This is also a good alternative to spray kinds and is safe for all kinds and ages of cats.

This is a very strong and potent concoction of catnip as well which can be used to train your cat especially if it has really aggressive tendencies. It can deter problematic behaviors as well.

The suggested usage for this product is once in a while as it is quite powerful.



  • Organic North American Grown

  • Alternative to catnip sprays

  • Very potent

  • Training method

  • Not as many features


KONG – Naturals Catnip Spray

Best Catnip SprayThe KONG – Naturals Catnip Spray contains concentrated catnip oil which is steam-distilled from pure North American catnip and that’s how you know you’re getting the most potent ad organic form. The product is also ecologically responsible because the ingredients come from natural, renewable resources.

This is a highly potent formula that your cat will not be able to resist and since it is organic you won’t have to worry about it having any chemicals or pesticides. Since it can be easily just sprayed out, this is a mess-free alternative to dried varieties. This one also ears the spot in the list of best catnips.

It is a very good product as it can be sprayed on practically anything from your cat’s bed, to their toys and scratch posts. So you can get maximum exposure and effect.



  • Irresistible to cats
  • Highly potent scent
  • Natural and organic
  • No-mess spraying formula
  • KONG Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Steam-distilled oil
  • Not as durable

TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats

Best Catnip ToysNext up we have the TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats which also has added nutritional benefits as it is one of the best edible products for catnip as it has catnip flavored treats that are chewy inside and crunchy on the outside.

This cat treat is irresistible to your cat as it comes with a very unique pocket shape which is just like your cat’s favorite cat food products and since it also has nutritional value, it is a healthy addition to your cat’s diet.

Since it is an added element, you can still be sure that it won’t exceed your cat’s daily food intake as it is only 2 calories per treat. This is also a lower dose than most others on this list which means your cat can take these more than just occasionally.

To ensure that your cat’s treats remain crunchy, they come with a closable lid pack which will ensure that they remain fresher for longer.

  • 100% nutritionally complete

  • Catnip-flavored cat treats

  • Unique pocket shape

  • The closable lid ensures freshness

  • Chewy inside and crunchy outside

  • No warranty


Catit Catnip Scratcher Boards

Best Catnip ToysNext, we have the Catit Catnip Scratcher Boards and this is made as a corrugated cardboard scratcher which is perfect to get off any aggression that your cat might have and it also means your cat will bite into the catnip which is stored in different sides of the board so they are responsible for the doses they get.

This ensures your cat stays away from the furniture as this scratcher measures 19.5 inches so you know it will keep the cat occupied for longer. The only real drawback here is that this product needs to be regularly filled up with catnip.

It is a great and organic product to curb the cat’s natural urge to scratch, and also is a very versatile device as a cat as can use it to sleep on or as a scratch post as well. A great thing about it is that in case your cat scratches it down and it gets worn out from one side you can simply flip it over and it is as good as new.

  • Corrugated cardboard scratcher
  • 5 inches
  • Can be flipped over
  • Catnip can be added inside
  • Needs to replaced regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest catnip?

While there are a ton of amazing products available in the market, for us, as per reviews online and raving reviews, the Crippler Catnippler Custom Chronic Blend is by far the strongest catnip around.

This is because the product has been carefully designed to ensure that it will calm down and satiate even the most aggressive and angry kitties in no time. They claim it is so potent and efficient as it contains 5 times the amount of nepetalactone in it and this is way more than any other brand you may purchase at the pet store.  While the blend remains a secret and a mystery, it is still completely safe for your cat in smaller and precise doses which will calm down your feline and also is a great method of training them or dissuading bad behaviors.

What does catnip do to cats?

As we have mentioned before, catnip has almost hallucinogenic abilities which means that just like humans, it might have different kinds of effects on different cats. Of course, this does depend on the personality and overall demeanor of the cat beforehand as well. Usually though once cats inhale or eat it, they will either be euphoric or extremely calm. However, for many other cats, this may not cause any reaction at all. Some cats are just not receptive to catnip and there is no real reason why.

Where should I put catnip?

There are so many different ways to give your cat a dose of catnip. Where you put the catnip depends entirely on the kind you are using. There are sprays that you can sprinkle just about anywhere including the cat’s bed, litterbox, their favorite toys, or even on their favorite spots to sleep all around the house. Then comes the chewable cat treats that are catnip flavored and these are occasional treats that you may give to your cat whenever you see fit.

However, you may also scatter some dried catnip products in with your cat’s food as that’s also a good way for your cat to get their fix. Finally, the infused variety usually comes as cat beds, boards, or play toys. There are all these methods for your convenience, all you have to do is choose one which works best for you and your cat.

Do cats prefer dry or fresh catnip?

Your cat’s choice of catnip will vary a lot. This is because it is an oil that may affect one cat way more than it does another and that is simply because of the kind of method you used. You may give them dryer varieties like dried leaves or edible cat treats or you may infuse it in their water, toys, and beds in the form of a spray. However, whether they like one or the other depends entirely on your cat.


The Other 11 Best Catnips we reviewed in 2021

FELINE GREENIES Natural Cat Treats

Best Organic CatnipNext, we are looking at the product known as FELINE GREENIES Natural Cat Treats which come in a very delicious and nutritious Catnip Flavor. This Natural Catnip comes with a host of different minerals, vitamins, and Other Nutrients that are good for your cat’s diet.

They are also great for the teeth health of your cat and are dentist recommended as they have a unique shape excellent for cleaning the teeth and also reducing hints of tartar. Your cat will like the crunchy texture that this product offers and also you will appreciate it acting as a cat breath freshener.

Even though these treats contain premium products from the world over, they are still manufactured in the USA so you can be sure of the quality.



  • Vet recommended

  • Minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients

  • The crunchy texture and unique shape

  • Cleans teeth and reduce tartar

  • Made in the US

  • None really


Pet Craft Supply Potent Catnip

Best Organic CatnipNext, we have the Pet Craft Supply Potent Catnip and this is a very organic product that is grown and harvested in the USA without the use of any chemicals and since it is completely safe for your cat, it can be added just about anywhere.

This product comes in a 3 oz huge Value pack that is not only great to save money but will last you a long time as well. To ensure that such a huge bag of catnip stays fresh for as long as possible, it comes with a resealable container.

The best thing about this product is that it curbs destructive tendencies to scratch or bite into furniture and can be used as a training tool.




  • Training tool

  • Resealable container

  • Chemical-free

  • 3 oz huge Value pack

  • No warranty


Cart Liquid Catnip Spray

Best Catnip SprayNow we are looking at the Catit Design Senses Catnip spray which is a very potent and powerful extract of pure catnip, which means that it is a great way to calm down your feline friend.

It can also be sprayed with ease just about anywhere as it comes in a convenient spray bottle. You can spray it on your cat’s bed, its scratching post, and even on all its favorite toys.

You get 3 Ounces of a very potent oil with each pack.




  • Concentrated Extract of Pure Catnip

  • Is irresistible to cats

  • 3 Ounces

  • Convenient Spray Bottle

  • None really


SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip

The Best CatnipThe SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip is a completely organic product and there are no chemicals or fillers in it which may be harmful.

This Catnip stimulates your cat in a way that they get excited and then calm down. It comes in a 2-ounce canister so you can shake or pour catnip. SmartyKat catnip is not only a stylish and innovative product but also is committed to its environmental responsibility as it is made from natural and renewable materials.





  • No chemicals

  • Stylish designs

  • Environmental responsibility

  • 2-ounce canister

  • Shake or pour

  • None really


 Cat Crack Catnip

The Best CatnipThe  Cat Crack Catnip is one of the most organic and healthy products for your cat as they are farm grown in the US so you can also be sure that they are reliable and of premium quality. They also do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The best thing about this product is the ease with which you can sprinkle any amount over just about any place your cat frequents. This may include their scratch posts, beds, and favorite toys.

The reason why this product is so potent is that it is harvested and grown at the highest peak of the season and that is what ensures you get the best plant quality for the catnip essential oil.

Indoor cats usually are not active for long so if you want to transform your older cat into the playful kitten they once were, give them this product and watch them get more exercise and activity.

  • Organic and natural
  • Made in the USA
  • Premium quality oil
  • Can be sprinkled anywhere
  • No preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • None really


Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Best Catnip Toys For CatsWe are now looking at the most popular catnip based toy and this is the Yeowww! Catnip Toy

This comes in a 7-inch curved shape like a banana and this shape allows cats to roll around on the ground with it and wrestle. There is no wonder that this toy has been made for wrestling and rolling.

You will be pleased to know that this toy is made from a durable, twill fabric and uses organic soy and vegetable-based dyes. The toy is also more aromatic because it only has dried leaves and flower tops with no other preservatives.

While most other catnip toys are only rubbed with catnip, this comes properly stuffed with it. This however means that you will not be able to machine wash this product and hence it becomes harder to clean up.

  • 7 inch curved

  • Designed for wrestling and rolling

  • Organic and chemical-free

  • Stuffed

  • More aromatic

  • Not machine-wash safe


KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy

Best Catnip Toys For CatsThe KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy is up next on our list and this is one of the most popular ones on the market thanks to its excellent play encouraging behavior between you and your pet which basically promotes bonding.

It also ensures that your cat gets that mental and physical stimulation and they are soft and snuggly plush catnip toys with a handy re-closable pouch to ensure the catnip stays fresh and safe.

You have to refill the catnip yourself and this is when you feel like the aroma is fading. The catnip can also be stored in a freezer especially when you take it out because the toy is completely machine washable.



  • Re-closable vial

  • Mental and physical stimulation

  • Encourages play

  • Stores in freezer

  • Machine washable

  • Must be refilled


SmartyKat Fish Friends Catnip Cat Toy

Best Catnip BrandsThe SmartyKat Fish Friends Catnip Cat Toy is a one of a kind toy that is shaped like a fish and has natural feathers to ensure your cat stays interested in it. It is great for training purposes and allows cats to express their natural hunting instinct.

This product is also fitted with really Bright colors and patterns which ensures that your cat is attracted to it but the real joy for cats is the potent dosage of catnip inside that will ensure they are satiated.

This is a catnip that uses recycled plastic to make the toys and this means it is better for the environment. The catnip used inside also does not use any chemicals or pesticides to be grown. This is a cost-friendly value pack as it comes with 3 toys that have multiple textures so your cat has variety.


  • Meant for training

  • Bright colors and patterns

  • 3 toys value pack

  • Crinkle sound and textures

  • No chemicals or pesticides

  • Eco Advantage

  • None really


Yeowww Pollock Fish Catnip Toy

Best Catnip BrandsNext, we have the Yeowww Pollock Fish Catnip Toy of course gets its name from its similarity to the painting style of Jackson Pollock and it undoubtedly is super vibrant in order to attract your cat so it doesn’t tire of the product quickly.

It is also shaped like a fish to attract your pet cat and it is hand-sewn so you know it is of some premium quality. This is reflected in the fact that it contains 100% organically grown catnip from farmers.

However, the premium feel doesn’t stop there as its outer fabric is a really durable cotton twill that’s extremely durable and can take on any chewing, biting, or scratching that your pet gives it. The Pollock Fish Cat Toy is also free from any cotton fillers or other low-grade materials and has very vibrant colors.

  • Hand sewn

  • Vibrant colors

  • 100% organically grown catnip

  • Durable cotton twill

  • No dangerous materials used

  • No warranty


SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip 

Best Time To Harvest CatnipNext up we are looking at the SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip which is basically a toy with 3 mice which of course will definitely attract your cat and they are infused with really powerful doses of catnip which are released upon biting and chewing.

Another excellent feature is that this product is a perfect size and is lightweight enough for your cat to carry around wherever they like. You can be sure that this Catnip will make your cat both euphoric and mellow afterward for both excited and calmer periods.

This is a very organic and potent catnip concoction as it is produced without any chemicals or pesticides and the basic product is made from fiberfill which is 100% recycled plastic so you know you’re doing your good for the environment as well.


  • Three adorable mice

  • Perfectly sized

  • Pure and potent catnip

  • No chemicals or pesticides

  • 100% recycled plastic Fiberfill

  • Not as many features


Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Best Time To Harvest CatnipFinally, we are ending this review with the Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy which has a lot of amazing features and although it is not a pure catnip toy still comes with catnip included.

This Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy not only comes with catnip, it also comes with a spinning ball and scratchpad which is an excellent way to get your cat to stop chewing and scratching on your furniture and can curb their tendencies too as well.

This is a heavier board but comes fitted with non-skid feet which will ensure that the floors of your house are not left with skid marks and this product also comes with replacement pads.



  • Catnip included

  • Spinning ball

  • Scratchpad

  • Non-skid feet

  • Replacement pads

  • Not as durable

Buying Guide:

Now that you have gone over our in-depth list and review of our top catnip picks you might feel like you are ready to make your final decision based on your preference. However, we still would recommend that you look at the technical side of things to clear out any possible confusion. So to help you out with that we have this detailed buying guide for your convenience.

One reason why we recommend that users read on till the very end of this buying guide is that only you can truly know what your cat prefers and alternatively you should also know the basics of using and giving your cat catnip. The coming buying guide will be divided into two parts. First, we will look at the main points that you should consider when purchasing catnip and then, we will move onto the most frequently asked questions.

Important Factors:


Even though catnip is completely safe and organic for your cat, this does not mean that all catnip products are. While all catnip toys by definition use catnip, it is important to note that catnip comes in different characteristics. There are some kinds of catnip which probably won’t influence your feline at all or might wear off rapidly. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you want a very limited effect on your cat, however, if you want a potent mix, then you need a good quality product.

This is especially true for catnip based toys as some come loaded down with catnip and therefore will possess an aroma like catnip as compared to those that are simply sprinkled with it. In order to guarantee that you pick the right kind of product for your cat, you might have to try out a few kinds. For example, some cats only respond to cat treats laced with catnip, while others prefer it sprayed over their beds and toys.


This might be the most important question of all; is the toy safe for your cat? The answer is that due to so many products being available right now, you might come across some that are not durable or of good quality. If it is a normal toy that hasn’t considered your cat’s teeth and claws, then it might tear off easily and your cat becomes exposed to parts or stuffing inside that may become a potential choking hazard.

Some toys additionally incorporate long strings, which can represent a strangulation risk. Pick a toy that is intended to be safer for your pet and not just one that you will think they will enjoy playing with.

Wash Safe:

This is especially important if you are buying your cat a catnip infused or rubbed toy. Cats will undoubtedly make a mess of their toys and this means that your task of making sure it is clean so the catnip can do its job becomes important. Of course, this will depend on whether or not your cat is aggressive or more active but this is important as if the toy is not washable or wash safe, then you will have a tough time. In order to ensure that the toy you have purchased for your cat remains with it as long as possible, it should be washable. There are also options included which allow the user to remove the catnip bag or compartment from the toy before it is laundered and this can be extremely useful.

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